17. Dec, 2010

Hola Cuba, we made it!

Hola Cuba, we made it!

After braving the elements, sailing on very rolly seasĀ for two full days and two nights, two very weary and quite sick sailors arrived on the coastline of Cuba!

Seeing the lights from afar was really exciting, we had finally made the crossing and arrived in Cuba at 3 in the morning. It was quite eery sailing into a little bay in the dark. We anchored in the dark and waited to see what the morning would bring.

We woke up to see we were surrounded by lush forests and in the most beautiful bay, it was like waking up to find ourselved in paradise.

And then the checking in procedures began…we were guided into a place to anchor where the doctor would meet up before we could go to the marina. After the doctor (which took about two hours), we had a string of officials entering our boat from agricuture, veterary, customs, immigrations and harbour master. Checking in took about 8 hours, but was all very friendly and welcoming. When we got our final clearance forms, the offical said to us “Welcome to Cuba, you can now get off your boat” !! YAY:)

Exploring around little Baia de Vita was wonderful, being in such a lush, green beautiful surroundings. We rented a scooter to get to the town of Holgin and loved experiencing the feel of life in Cuba. It like being in a time warp, where time has stood still for the last 50 years.