Mar 23

Tikal Guatemala

by Adrian in Adventures, Guatemala

Armed with way too much accumulated luggage (we had to buy another huge bag!), we have now headed off on the overland part of the trip to reach the Pacific coast. We are meeting friends Sara & Stof for part of their adventure aboard their vessel The Takalani – more to follow! Check out

One of our main stops en route has been the amazing ruins of the Mayan City, Tikal. Its one of the biggest ancient Mayan cities, an eerily beautiful place in the middle of the jungle with ruins dating back to as far as 700BC.

Its right on the ‘gringo trail‘ of Central America so the crowds can get intense but we sneakily planned our visits for late afternoon, and then again early the following morning and surprisingly felt like we had the place almost to ourselves! The mosquitos might have partly explained why!

We managed a 4.30am start to catch the sunrise, climbing to the top of the highest temple which was really magical (even though there was no sunrise due to a cloudy horizon!). As it starts to get light the jungle becomes alive with sounds of animals, particularly the howler monkeys (which make a sound more like a lion roar!) with different troops answering each other across the tree tops. Other animals join in the raucous and as it becomes lighter you start to see the outline of these amazing temples emerging out of the jungle below. Felt like proper Indiana Joneses! (insert soundtrack here… da da dah!)

Next stop Mexico City en route to the HillRats!

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  1. From Taryn B:

    Awesome. Pete and I have just returned from Petra in Jordan visiting the ancient civilizations there – really is quite unbelievable how well these things are preserved. Funny we also did the early morning / late afternoon vibe and felt at peace among these huge tombs carved into the rock. Cant wait till you get to galapogas – must send lots of pics. Enjoy.

    Posted on 05. Apr, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

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