Feb 14

Things that go BUMP in the night…

by Nicky in Adventures

Pako is quite a rolly boat and if things are not secured, they tend to go flying so we have become quite good at diving and catching falling/flying objects. On our night sail across to Mexico, I was on watch in the early hours of the morning. I was quietly enjoying the starry, peaceful night when something bumped onto the seat next to me.

Of course, a natural reaction I immediately leaned over to grab it to prevent it from falling…only to find a slipperly flapping FLYING FISH in my hand. The poor little dude got confused and flew right into our boat (which is a pretty impressive height to reach!)

I got the fright of my life, screeched and jumped around the boat (the brave sailor I am!). Adrian, who was fast asleep below, jumped up thinking that we were ploughing into a tanker. He instantly became my grumpy hero as he threw the slippery, flapping (VERY STINKY) flying fish overboard…

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