Jan 11

SPECIAL: Norwegian Guest Writer!

by Adrian in Adventures, Cuba

So, if you thought African time was bad, Cuban time is even worse. And our two South African adventurers have truly adapted to the local environment and rocked up one week late in Trinidad. After weeks of communication with Cubans I was told upon arrival in Havana that it is not legal to transfer people at sea so my dream of sailing in Cuba has to remain a dream, for now. Havana was a cool spot, but getting out of Havana and exploring the Vinales wally was amazing. It’s know as a great climbing spot, but I explored it by foot and horse together with other travelers that I met waiting for the bus or going home from salsa class. Then I took a taxi together with five Polish tourist to Trinidad. The female taxi driver didn’t leave my legs much space, but as punishment she got a speeding fine. I booked a hiking trip in Trinidad and got a horse back ride…Great adventure to a beautiful waterfall, but my body didn’t quite manage to find the right riding technique to avoid a very stiff back and buttox. Then finally out South African adventurers arrived at the harbor and we met up at a humongous, tacky hotel at the beach. Great to see Nicky and Adrian again!

Got invited to stay at Pako and got served amazing lobster and whatever was left of the dry food in the boat with a good bottle of white wine. They are great hosts, so if you just manage to meet up with them I really recommend making an effort! Sadly we only got two days together before I had to leave for Norway, skiing and no sun. But hopefully I have managed to talk them into coming to Norway for their next adventure.
Thank you for amazing days in Cuba! Jannike

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  1. From vanessa:

    Hi guys

    I have not checked this for awhile, yoiu have been keeping yourself busy!! as usual looks amazing and I think I will regret not coming to visit for ever but such is life. I have already been back at work for 1.5 weeks…holiday is a forgotton memory.
    Glad to hear the fishing is going well, finally!!!!! I swear I will never tease you again, Adrian.

    Keep well kids and look after yourself.
    Love and miss you loads

    Posted on 12. Jan, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

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