Jan 30

Floating Bushes

by Adrian in Adventures, Cuba

The last couple of weeks have been spent with some fantastic new crew on board, the Bush seniors! The journey started in little colonial town of Trinidad with a good day sail to Cienfuegos to test the new crews sea legs. All went swimmingly with a steady offshore breeze and flat seas, but the real test for everyone on board was yet to come!

After a couple days in Cienfuegos, at a dirty marina with filthy toilets (and some equally dirrrty city taxi drivers), there was a general consensus that it was time to hit the open seas and head for the offshore islands of Cay Largo, a 12hr night sail away. All started off well with some delish SA wine (the first we’ve had in months!) toasted as the sun set on our voyage out of the Cienfuegos bay, with a good breeze to get us on our way.

Unfortunately before long, as we headed further offshore, the sea became very confused and we started an uncomfortable roll for most of the night. In a series of ‘rail grabs’ followed by associated retching the Bushes began to fall, seniors and junior alike. The only Bush left standing was the liddlest of them all, yup, the master marinero Liddle Bush herself was left to take care of the giddy crew!

It was a sunrise like no other as we tucked into calm waters in the lee of Cayo Largo. The days that followed were however bliss, and well worth the ‘runway model dieting technique’ we tried on the way over. The days were spent exploring the surrounding islands, snorkeling, drinking more fine SA wine, feasting on some excellent boat meals and enjoying great company!

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5 Responses to “Floating Bushes”

  1. From Frank and Kay:

    Hi there to you all.
    It soulds just fantastic and we envy you having had this wonderful time together. Hope to catch up with Bushes Senior in Cape Town next Sunday. Be well and safe. Much love

    Posted on 30. Jan, 2011 at 6:09 am #
  2. From vanessa:

    Hi All

    Wow, wow and wow again!!!! Looks like you are all having a ball….well done little nicky noodle for saving the day!
    Sara is off tomorrow and on her way to see you, can’t believe it is already that time.
    Miss you loads and say hi to the folks.
    Love Vanessa

    Posted on 31. Jan, 2011 at 6:14 pm #
  3. From Tony Bush:

    Oh boy, these comments and pics bring our time together so vividly to the fore. What a wonderful time and our thanks to you both for such great company and a wonderful unique experience. I still dream of those days sailing together and wish you well on the next part of your journey – hope you can include some “sailing” news of this section in addition to your experiences. Have fun, much love, D + M (T + R)

    Posted on 01. Feb, 2011 at 12:30 pm #
  4. From Mum and Dad:

    Thankyou both for sharing your dream with us – we were blown away by how the Capitaine and his First Mate have honed themselves into experienced old sea salts, reading the winds and trimming the sails as though they were born to it. Nicky the fresh wholemeal bread, muffins and choc chip cookies you conjured up with the boat’s swinging gas oven were a life saver from the monotony of Cuba’s national dishes of pork,chicken,shrimps and red snapper. Havanna nights were magical to share with you in spite of taco mattrasses and the odd dodgy taxi driver! We wish you fair winds and an UNconfused sea for your crossing to Mexico. Loads of love M+D/R+T

    Posted on 02. Feb, 2011 at 6:06 pm #
  5. From Rory:

    Ahoy there salty sea dogs, sounds like you all had a great time. SUPER jealous sitting here at the office desk. I hope that the crossing to Mexico is going well. Good Luck. Keep the blog posts coming, they keep me sane.

    Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

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