Dec 06

All is well…

by Adrian in Adventures, Bahamas

Finally we can use the classic Bahamian saying… ‘all is well, mon’. Last couple days have been spent fixing ‘the shroud’, so we can get the sails back up and head for Cuba. Turned out to be quite a mission as we had to take off the shroud, cut out the dodgy old rotten section and replace and fiberglass in new support and chain plate. Looks to be solid now and ready for the high seas.

We have had a good couple days in George Town enjoying the mellow town vibe and took a ‘day out’ to explore Great Exuma Island on a scooter. Couple of beautiful beaches and views of surrounding cays.

George Town is a typical island town, everyting happens sooowly but amazingly you can get just about everything you need here. We anchored off neighboring Stocking Island which has a classic beach bar but only one music playlist blasting away three songs on rotation so its definitely time to float on down the islands and out of the playlist range!

Next stop is Long Island where we need to wait for a weather window for crossing to Ragged Islands and Cuba.

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  1. From Taryn:

    Looks so beautiful. wow you guys
    Looking forward to hearing about Cuba

    Love to you both!

    Posted on 15. Dec, 2010 at 9:06 am #

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