Nov 25

The Blues – the good & the bad!

by Adrian in Adventures, Bahamas

This is a post about the blues…. both the good type and bad!  We spent a couple days in bustling Nassau (capital of Bahamas) where we stocked up on the last provisions and experienced the local cuisine… conch (pronounced konk!) salads and fritas are the local delicacy. Nassau is not the most beautiful place but has everything you could need, including the lost city of Atlantis… yup, ol Sol Kerzner’s ‘creation’.

Once the weather was looking good we made the crossing to the first island in the Exuma’s island chain in a good 15-20 knot breeze. Unfortunately on arrival we noticed a major flaw with Pako. The port shroud bracket had started lifting off the deck, an important part of the rigging that holds up the mast! So it was a nerve-racking night worrying about every creak and groan. Morning inspection put things a bit more in perspective but unfortunately it was no more sailing until we can get the rigging sorted out in George Town (about 90 miles away).

The rigging blues were fairly quickly replaced though by the magical scenes of the Exumas as we island limped our way down the chain (using the donk/engine!). The water colors here are incredible and unfortunately photo’s don’t seem to do justice to the dramatic shades of blue. The last few days have been spent in the beautiful national park and we have got into the island rhythm with days spent exploring, swimming, snorkeling and of course evening ‘happy hour’ sundowners on the beach!

So we’ll continue to soak up the island paradise until we reach George Town where decisions will need to be made about ‘where to next’ for little yacht Pako! Fingers crossed!

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7 Responses to “The Blues – the good & the bad!”

  1. From Taryn Eliott:

    Looks amazing! Glad you got the rid of the bad blues

    Posted on 25. Nov, 2010 at 5:20 am #
  2. From Rory:

    Wow, what beautiful photos. Holding thumbs that the rigging can be fixed quickly and cheaply…. otherwise Mcgyver the sucker. Turning more and more green with every blog post. Keep well. Ror

    Posted on 25. Nov, 2010 at 6:07 am #
  3. From Mum and Dad:

    Bad luck on the shroud bracket, what a bummer. It reminds me of Pipsqueak!! Holding thumbs all can be repaired in George Town.
    Passed my “mock exams” this week!! and now preparing for practical exam on Saturday followed by theory next week – loving it!! They have given us no training on boat maintenance which seems to be your biggest need to date!!
    Much love from us both, Dad/Tony

    Posted on 25. Nov, 2010 at 7:51 am #
  4. From jo:

    looks amazing… sucks to be you!

    Posted on 25. Nov, 2010 at 6:19 pm #
  5. From saartjie:

    What’s the latest???!!! Hoping the rigging is an easy fix and the plans are on track… if not, it’s not terrible being stuck in island paradise, huh? I had a crazy day of packing up my office and writing skippers exam yesterday: whew – it’s all really happeneing! Love to you both!

    Posted on 01. Dec, 2010 at 5:34 am #
    • From Adrian:

      Hey Sa, thanks for your message! We are working on the rigging today, taking a little longer than expected – lots of rot has set in which is a big scary! Hopefully we will sort it out by the end of the week to continue the trip, but we are in a beautiful place and quite nice to be in one place for a bit:)) SOOOO excited for you and the big adventure so soon…must be quite a surreal feeling now that it is all happening. Good luck with packing, Skippers licenence……and I;m sure much more:)) Thinking of you lots. Lots of Love Nicky

      Posted on 01. Dec, 2010 at 7:32 pm #
  6. From Dan Dob:

    Best blog in the world! Can’t imagine what the reality must be like if the photos look this good!

    Posted on 21. Dec, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

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