Sep 23

Madagascar Exploration

by Nicky in Adventures, Madagascar

Madagascar is an incredible country full of surprises from spiny forests to rain forests (which are disappearing fast), stunning beaches, wonderful friendly people, and baobabs to tropical islands. We were only there for three weeks and felt like we had an adventure of a lifetime! We started far south in Fort Dauphin, then went on to explore the spiny forests and rainforests of Andohela. We then went out to the beautiful windswept beaches of the Lakora peninsula. For a complete difference in scenery and culture we flew to the centre to the capital Antananarivo (Tana). We  then went far North to Baia de Sakalava and then journeyed in our epic mini 4X4 from cold and fresh Amber Mountain to boiling Ankarana reserve. We ended our trip in tropical paradise on the tiny Sakatia Island. From our little but amazing  taste of this incredible African Island, we are dying to go back to explore more…might be next on the list:)



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