Sep 06

Madagascar Fort Dauphin

by Nicky in Adventures, Madagascar

Fort Dauphin was one of our favourite spots. It felt largely undiscovered by tourists and we found new and amazing places every day. Gorgeous beaches, great surfing, lots of friendly and welcoming people and children. It is a very poor area and there are lots of very polluted areas but the overall feel of Fort Dauphin is wonderful.

 Arriving in the dark, we woke as it got light to discover that we had arrived in Paradise! Libanoa Bay is on of the most beautiful spots in Fort Dauphin and our little spot in Lavasoa had a stunning view over the bay.

We made friendly quickly and had lots of tour guides around the small town!  

We were never alone on the beaches but the children are amazing, they have so much fun and loved discovering how they could SEE underwater.  


There are some great waves in the area. One of our frustrating moments was when we decided to venture out to find the EPIC waves in Venani Bay on the other side of town. After a very long and bumpy taxi ride there with both surf boards on the roof, we unloaded everything, got all kitted up and then realised that we had left our surfboard fins behind! Oh dear…good walk and view of the waves:)

We did however have some great surfing experiences. Adrian has some wonderful dawn parol surfs and I even managed to catch a few waves in the sunset. Warm water and no wetsuits, that’s my kind of surfing!!  


We climbed up Pique St Louis to get a beautiful 360 degree view over the bays. The mountain is an interesting contrast of triangle palm trees to dry veldbos. Hot hot walk up but well worth the view at the top!  

It was quite difficult to leave such a wonderful place and we look forward to going back…

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