Sep 20

Amber Mountain and Ankarana Adventure in a little yellow taxi

by Nicky in Adventures, Madagascar

Our epic adventure in a little yellow taxi all began at the market to stock up for the next few days ahead

Did you know little yellow taxis have 4X4 capabilities – they can do ANYTHING!

Amber Mountain was so different from the other reserves in Madagascar. Being so high up, it was quite chilly and we enjoyed a few days exploring the cool forests and discovering the tree, plants, birds, butterflies and interesting little animals…

We experienced the joys of night walks, discovering sleeping chameleons and little mouse lemurs

The chameleons in Madagascar are incredible from the smallest chameleons to the largest chameleons in the world

This is my favourite!!

“I’m very grumpy and not in the mood for this photo!!”

Ankarana was completely different, hot hot hot!

The rock formations, wildlife and vegetation are incredible

We had a long walk and finally reached our destination to discover Lac Vert – the green volcanic crater lake – pretty impressive!

After a long day…

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